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Virgin Islands Lottery Winnings

Drawing No. 834 - 8/28/2014
  • 1st Prize:
  • 2nd Prize:
  • 3rd Prize:
  • 4th Prize:
  • 5th Prize:
  • 09417
  • 21329
  • 03404
  • 33607
  • 04565

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Drawing results are posted online by 8pm of the day of the drawing. Your patience is appreciated, as the drawing results must be verified by the Board of Drawing after the drawing, and are usually made public by early evening.


Major Prizes

FIRST PRIZE: $175,000
THIRD PRIZE: $40,000
FIFTH PRIZE: $20,000

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Virgin Island Lottery
Virgin Islands Sea Life Ticket

VI Lottery Ticket

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Over $333,000.00 in cash prizes, $175,000 grand prize!

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As seen on Island Showcase on Channel 4 here in the VIrgin Islands - http://www.Island-Showcase.com

Virgin Islands Lottery Ticket!

Virgin Islands Lottery

$175,000 GRAND PRIZE!

Virgin Islands Sea Life

Our Virgin Islands are surrounded by clear, teal blue water that draws millions of visitors every year and provides a source of entertainment, exercise and relaxation for all who live here.

What lies beneath the glistening surface of our shores? An entire underwater world, inhabited by more than a million different species of animals and plants – an entire ecosystem — our underwater neighbors.

Grab a snorkel and some fins or a scuba tank and see for yourself the brightly colored fish and corals. Or if you prefer to stay dry, just grab an September 11th Virgin Islands Lottery Ticket! Featuring over 18 different examples of underwater creatures in a variety of vibrant colors. This ticket will hopefully make you imagine the possibilities if you are the lucky winner of the $175.000 grand prize.

So get your ticket and head to the beach to explore beautiful underwater Virgin Islands.

Visit any VI Lottery office or your favorite dealer today and watch here for the posting of the winners on September 11, 2014.

Buy a full ticket and keep the $175,000 top prize or buy part of a ticket and share a prize. Full Sheets are $30.00. Individual pieces of tickets are $1.50.

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