In the Virgin Islands Traditional Lottery game, there are many ways in which one can be a winner. There are a total of 4764 prizes. These prizes consist of major prizes, approximations, triple terminals, series, terminal and prizes.

A Perfect Match

Your ticket must correctly match any of the numbers printed on the prize validation sheet otherwise known as the "scheme." When this occurs you get the amount shown in the right column next to the winning numbers. The 5 major prizes are:

  • First Prize: $175,000
  • Second Prize: $65,000
  • Third Prize: $40,000
  • Fourth Prize: $30,000
  • Fifth Prize: $20,000


Terminals and Triple Terminals

Terminal and Triple Terminals are derived from the First Prize only. You have a terminal when the last number on your ticket is the same as the last number of the First Prize. There are 165 Terminals. Triple Terminals are the last three numbers of any of the major prizes.

For example, let us assume the number for the 1st prize is 2468. If the last number on your ticket is 8 you have won a terminal. In this case you have won the value of the ticket you purchased. If you bought an entire sheet for $30 you are entitled to that amount. If on the other hand you bought only a fraction of the sheet, then you are entitled to the amount that you paid for your ticket.

For example if a major prize winning number is 12493, the triple terminal number would be any number ending in 493.


Approximations are derived from the five major prizes and are determined to be the number above and the number below the major prizes. Let us suppose that the five major prizes are as follows:

  • 1st prize: 2468
  • 2nd prize: 1387
  • 3rd prize: 7214
  • 4th prize: 673
  • 5th prize: 8332

For the 1st prize the approximation numbers would be 2469 and 2467. The prize awarded for tickets bearing these numbers would be $1,500 in the Ordinary Drawing and in the Ex-Ordinary Drawing.

For the 2nd prize the approximation numbers are 1388 and 1386. The prize awarded for tickets bearing these numbers is $900.


Series are numbers that fall within the range of 0 - 99 and account for most of the prizes on the prize validation sheet. The series consist of 50 numbers above and 50 numbers below any of the major prizes.

Hence, in our example of winning numbers the series are calculated by taking the first two numbers and replacing the last two with 00s. The series for the 1st prize would then range read 2400 - 2499. All numbers from 2400 to 2499 are winners and the prize amount is $100 for the Ordinary Drawing and $200 for the Ex-Ordinary Drawing.


Finally, there are various prizes valued from $100 to $5000.

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