A Tribute to Stacie

Upon my arrival on St. Thomas on Thursday morning, I received a phone calling informing me about the demise of our Lottery family member Stacie Schjang. I sat at my desk in disbelief and despair.

Stacie has been a member of our Lottery family since March of 2015 and has served in the Marketing division as our Senior Marketing specialist. One of her assignments was the generation our lottery ticket face. On Wednesday Stacie shared with both our CFO Ms. Proctor and I, iterations of ticket faces for the next three upcoming drawings for our review and approval. I asked her to add certain words that would affirm our vision on a ticket in honor of our dealers. Later that afternoon she came into my office to ask if she should start working on the April ticket that generally represents Carnival. Her concern was whether or not we would have Carnival. I told her to go ahead and create one regardless of whether or not we had Carnival. Most would know her from our promotional activities at the Ag Fair or at Carnival and Festival time, or when we host our Extraordinary Drawings twice a year working along with our Marketing team during those events. She would occasionally come into my office with ideas for promotional items that we should purchase or ideas of activities that we could host to promote the Lottery.

Stacie presented a level of energy that could light up the room. Although we knew each other from our family relationships for more many years, she would always address me as either Director or in her own interesting vernacular ‘Mr. Williams’. I’d brought over a package for her from St. Thomas for her and in her cynical laughter and low keyed voice, she said to me “das all you bring?” So I asked her what else she wanted. Hence, a burst of laughter between us.

I just want to say to her entire family on behalf of our V. I. Lottery family that we will miss her dearly and that we pray to God for strength, wisdom and understanding for the all the days ahead. Death by any form or means is so final. My God, my God, we may ask, WHY HER WHY NOW? But in all good consciousness and despite our pain and disbelief, we must accept God’s plan.

Stacie we love you and will truly miss you. To God be the Glory!!!

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