With your continuous support of the Virgin Islands Lottery, 70% of all revenues go back into our community. These funds are used to help St. Croix Rocketry Association and numerous other organizations develop and provide assistance to our local population.

Steve Bullock, President of St. Croix Rocketry Association, Inc."Hi, I'm Steve Bullock, the president of St. Croix Rocketry Association. We are a STEM non-profit organization here on St. Croix. Stem is Science Technology Engineering and Mathematical .... One of the companies that have been supporting us for the last 10 years is the VI Lottery. The VI Lottery has been helping these students to pursue their careers and the education in STEM. And today we have many students who have gone on and they are now engineers. They are now Aerospace Scientist. Biologist. We have students who are Psychologists. And you know what, they got their start from the help the VI Lottery gave to St. Croix Rocketry Association. Thank you VI Lottery!"

Steve Bullock, President of St. Croix Rocketry Association, Inc. (SCRA)

Shimeeka Stanley, coach and mentor at SCRA"My name is Shimeeka Stanley and I am currently attending the University of Virgin Islands. I'm in the St. Croix Rocketry Association. I am a coach and mentor helping children to pursue their career in Rocketry and interest in Rocketry. Without the St. Croix Rocketry Association, I wouldn't be granted the opportunity to pursue my dream in the internship to work at NASA."

Shimeeka Stanley, coach and mentor at SCRA

For more information on St. Croix Rocketry Association, visit https://www.stxrocketry.org and their facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/STXRocketry/

For more information about the Virgin Islands Lottery Sponsorship - Community Enrichment Initiative program, visit us at: Sponsorship and Funding Requests at https://www.winusvilottery.com/sponsorship/sponsorship-and-funding-requests.

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