Daddy's Day Out - Fathers in the Community - VI Lottery Sponsorship Testimonial

"I really appreciate the love we have been getting from the fathers coming out and spending time with the kids. The support. The whole idea is for more fathers to come out, and more kids to come out. We hope that we have influenced enough new fathers to step up and come out. As of right now, I am proud to say that we made it happen. We made it happen with the help of VI Lottery. Without VI Lottery, alot of the things that we do would not be possible. We really appreciate the support. They have done so much for us and the kids of our community. As it is not about us the fathers, it is about our kids and the community. It is about the betterment of our black communities. It is about the betterment of our children's life. And through our vision and through the assistance from VI Lottery, all things are possible so far."

Damian Lang
Fathers in the Community


With your continuous support of the Virgin Islands Lottery, 70% of all revenues go back into our community. These funds are used to help Fathers in the Community and numerous other organizations provide much needed support and assistance to our local communities.

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