Drawing #973 - Happy Mother's Day Ticket is now on sale!

VI Lottery Drawing #973 - Happy Mother's Day Ticket is Now on Sale!

VI Lottery is making changes to better serve you!

Our new tickets have a specialized QR code on each ticket stub. Each encoded with security details that are specific to each ticket. 

You can quickly validate the authenticity of your ticket by holding your phone camera over the code! This will also take you to the VI Lottery Website! Our Cashiers scan the encoded QR code and quickly identify the validity of your ticket! Now more environmentally conscious. Saving thousands of unsold tickets that were previously discarded for each drawing. Our tickets can't be duplicated due to additional built in security and customized paper.


$175,000 GRAND PRIZE!

Tickets are available now at your local lottery office or dealer. Individual tickets are $1.50 each, or purchase a full sheet for $30.00. 

One in eight people who play the VI Lottery are winners. You could win cash for education, travel, home improvement or paying off bills. Every ticket has a chance to win a part of the $704,300 total prize money — including the top prize of $175,000. 

Need Tickets? Visit any of our retail vendors including Udder Delight, Caribana, Anna's Market, or any VI Lottery dealer.

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