August 31, 2020


All V.I. Lottery Dealers


Raymond J. Williams
Executive Director


Lottery Updates

First off, I hope this memorandum meets you in good health. As we navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic, I pray that each and everyone of you are following all of the guidelines from the Department of Health relative to safe distancing and wearing of facial coverings. I must remind you that we want you to be safe such that our program can continue to be successful.

As one of my goals as the Executive Director is to continuously keep you informed and in the loop. Unfortunately, we can’t meet as a group to chat, so I decided to get this information to you in a memorandum. I want to apologize for the last drawing we hosted #958 and the miscommunication as to the change in date of the drawing. I will try to ensure we don’t make that mistake again.

On a more positive note, the WAVE of Opportunity continues. Coming this fall will be the roll out of our “print on demand” tickets processing, this means that we will be printing our tickets in house. This change will save us on the cost of having to have our tickets printed by an outside vendor and all other associated cost that comes along with it. You will now be able to request ALL your special numbers and other numbers in advance of purchase. So that we don’t have long lines and delays in the printing of your tickets, we will require you to fill out a form indicating the numbers you wish to purchase so when you show up the transaction will be smooth. WE will only print tickets that are to be purchased. Your cooperation on this is mandatory. Let’s make it work for everyone.

Secondly, we plan to role out an electronic purchase feature that will allow customers to purchase tickets on line.

This feature will not impact dealer sales as all your special numbers will be protected. The reason for this is to give us an opportunity to increase our sales. On the average drawing we only sell approximately half our printed tickets.

We are working on improving our dealer and customer experience as we work hard towards our


Please stay tuned.
Remember, you are apart of the V. I. Lottery family!
Thank you for working with us. 

When you play the V. I. Lottery-everybody wins.

a wave of opportunities