With your continuous support of the Virgin Islands Lottery, 70% of all revenues go back into our community. These funds are used to help Nana Baby Home and numerous other organizations provide much needed support and assistance to our local population.

Nana Baby Home Sponsorship Testimonial"My name is Darian Torrice-Hairston and I am the new in transition director for Nanababy Home. The VI Lottery helped us so much with our Home School project. We called it the Home School Blowup. Basically we needed a space in the home that could accommodate 12 children doing distance learning. We were able because of the VI Lottery to get funding to make that room happen. So we have desks and lockers and school cabinets, and just everything we needed to make sure the kids had a place to just feel comfortable, all day, everyday going to school, in a space where all of their needs could be met."

Darian Torrice-Hairston, Director Nana Baby Home, St. Thomas, USVI

Nana Baby Home is a 24-hour emergency care facility to assist children in crisis. In addition to emergency services and respite care, they provide short and long term foster care.

For more information on Nana Baby Home, visit their Facebook page or website.

Nana Baby Home Sponsorship Testimonial

Nana Baby Home Sponsorship Testimonial

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