VI Lottery Drawing #1005 - Thanksgiving Ticket - is Now on Sale!

VI Lottery Drawing #1005 - Thanksgiving Ticket is Now on Sale!

NOVEMBER 22, 2022

$175,000 GRAND PRIZE!

Thanksgiving Tickets are available now at your local lottery office or dealer. Individual tickets are $1.50 each, or purchase a full sheet for $30.00.  Present 2 or more Tickets at our Turkey Giveaway on Wednesday Nov. 16 at 9AM at COST U LESS for a free Turkey!

One in eight people who play the VI Lottery are winners. You could win cash for education, travel, home improvement or paying off bills. Every ticket has a chance to win a part of the $704,300 total prize money — including the top prize of $175,000.

With your continuous support of the Virgin Islands Lottery, 70% of all revenues go back into our community. Visit our Sponsorship page to learn more about the VI Lottery's Community Enrichment Initiative and listen to the many amazing video testimonials.

Need Tickets? Visit any of our retail vendors including Udder Delight, Caribana, Anna's Market, or any VI Lottery dealer.

VI Lottery Turkey Giveaway at Cost U Less on Nov 16 2022

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