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VI Lottery Drawing #986 - 2022 New Years Resolution Ticket is Now on Sale!

Happy New Years!


$175,000 GRAND PRIZE!

VI Lottery’s 2022 New Years Resolutions:

  • Continue to find ways to better serve you!  Virtual and Physical Suggestion Boxes online and inside our ticket sales locations.
  • Enforcing a crack down on illegal gambling to keep Virgin Islands funds circulating within our community.
  • Continuing to utilize technology to better serve you launching Virtual Ticket Sales to provide convenience, never miss a drawing again.
  • Becoming a more environmentally friendly agency source separation of waste & reducing paper waste, eco-friendly promotional items.

Need Tickets? Visit any of our retail vendors including Udder Delight, Caribana, Anna's Market, or any VI Lottery dealer.

Catch the Wave of Opportunities...

The next Second Chance Raffle begins January 21, 2022 at 10:00am with the New Years Resolution Ticket.

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Congratulations to this week’s Second Chance winners for Drawing #EX-080 - ExtraOrdinary tickets. The 3 winners for each district are:

St. Croix Winner is Clarence with Ticket Number 21161
St. Croix Winner is Petra with Ticket Number 7326
St. Croix Winner is Lilia with Ticket Number 144

St. Thomas-St. John Winner is Jasmin with Ticket Number 39160
St. Thomas-St. John Winner is Morella with Ticket Number 10808
St. Thomas-St. John Winner is Anna with Ticket Number 2571

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Top 5 Prizes for VI Lottery Drawing EX-80 ExtraOrdinary Ticket - December 16, 2021

TESLA Power Wall - 13747 
2022 Toyota Tacoma - 30712

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